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breaking news: you actually don't need the best equipment or a high-rise

penthouse to make feed-worthy content.

in this 5-module course, I'll teach you my secrets to creating high-quality content that will land you the brand deals of your dreams, no matter what equipment you have.

(don't worry, I cover tips for you DSLR lovers, too 😉)

Learn How to...

  • create stunning short-form video or photo content with just your iPhone

  • Make a non-aesthetic environment look chic af

  • find your personal content style that separates you from the rest

  • curate a feed that expresses your vibe

  • optimize your content for branded partnerships

  • create content that attracts your favorite brands and dream audience

  • always get the best angles, whether you're in front of or behind the lens

  • edit like a pro

Extra (free!) Bonuses

  • The preset I use for all my feed posts!

  • Content Ideas List - with 50 ideas if you get stuck

  • My E-Book "Creating your Perfect Feed" 

  • Bonus videos on how I shoot my own Instagram photos & organize my feed, create aesthetic TikToks, Fashion Reels and more.

  • Access to this course FOREVER (I'll be adding more to this course throughout each year, AKA it will just keep getting better

Straight From the DM's 💬

content is an art; it expresses your vibe!

let me show you how to push that energy through the screen, to your audience. 

Ready to take your content to the next level?

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