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bonus page

All of the bonus content throughout the course is on this page for easy access! Enjoy. :)

The exact copy and paste emails I use when negotiating/pitching to brands! I've categorized them based on different scenarios, so be sure to read the headers!

Tips for Negotiating + How to Ask for Paid Collaborations

How to Set Your Rates

How to Make a Media Kit + Rate Card

How to Edit Photos with Lightroom Mobile / Presets

Go to www.gumroad.com/lexiluxury and use the code "TICENROLLEE" to download all of my presets for free!  My favorite one is Lo-Fi Type Beat because it's natural enough for collab content and still makes your photos pop!

YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial

Tips for Going Full-Time.

E-Book on Creating The Perfect IG Feed

My E-book where I reveal my TOP secrets for creating an Instagram feed that will attract brands and followers like crazyyy.


come back for more soon. xx