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Fall Fashion Trends 2021

by Lexi Luxury

Welcome to my Fall Fashion Trends 2021 Roundup

Scroll below to shop each trend.


And remember, just because it's not "trendy" doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it. Fashion is art. You should express yourself how YOU, and only you, see fit. 

Happy Shopping! 



Fall Fashion Staples for Layering

Here you'll see all of the non-negotiable fall fashion staples for layering (in my opinion).  Seriously, the amount of looks I can put together with black wide leg pants and a black crop top should be illegal.

Blazers for Fall

Blazers are both a staple and a current trend for fall; meaning if you haven't hit up your local thrift store for one yet, wyd?

Leather Pants for Fall

Leather Pants have been a tried and true Fall Fashion Trend for a few years now, and I think it's safe to say they're here to stay.  I recommend having a black and chocolate pair, because you know, #balance.

Denim on Denim for Fall

Did you just get a flashback of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001? I hope so. Anyway, denim on denim is the vibe for fall, and I recommend adding white accents to make your post-summer tan pop.

Sweater Vests for Fall

Perfect for the academia babe (or someone like me who dips her toe into every aesthetic that exists). Layer one of these sweater vests over an oversized button down for an elevated, cozy look.

Wide Leg Pants for Fall

I have been LOVING the baggy look and wide leg pants are the best way to set it off. Even if you don't like them oversized, theres no denying that Wide Leg Pants look killer over a good boot heel. 

Puffy Vests for Fall

Need I say more?

Fall Shoe Staples 2021

A roundup of the shoes that I, quite literally, end up wearing every year. This is a personal preference, but they're also "on trend."

Western Boots for Fall

We saw them in the summer and we're still seeing them in the Fall. I'm starting to think these are becoming staples, but I suppose we'll wait and see!

Booties for Fall

I don't think we'll live to see the day when heeled booties aren't on trend for Fall...

Knee High Boots for Fall

There are so many ways to wear this Fashion Trend for Fall. Go chunky, sleek, shiny, matte...there are no wrong answers here.

Thigh High Boots for Fall

Quite possibly my favorite pair of boots to whip out during the colder months. They make your legs look unnnnreal and they actually keep you warm.  Thankfully, we will still be seeing lots of them for the Fall season!

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