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8 Tips to Have Your Best Period Ever

by Lexi Luxury

1. Track Your Cycles

This has been the biggest game-changer for me.  I first heard that us women have 4 stages to our cycles when I was listening to a podcast with Alisa Vitti, author of "In the Flo" book and owner of the "MyFLO" app.  During each cycle, our brain and energy behaves differently. For example, in the Follicular Stage, the brain is more open to new ideas, creativity, and new beginnings.  Whereas in the Menstrual Stage, your brain is more introspective, because both the right and left hemispheres are able to communicate more clearly. I use the MyFLO app to track each phase and schedule my month accordingly. That way, when I have more energy I can focus on photoshoots and filming, and when I have less energy, I can work on admin tasks, editing, etc.  Ever since I've started working WITH my cycles, my life has gotten so. much. easier.

2. Look the Part

I don't know about you, but when I'm on my period it is so easy to throw on a random hoodie and sweatpants and get on with the day.  And yes, comfort is KEY when you're cramping, however I find I'm in a much better mood when I put a little more effort into my look.  To achieve the comfy yet cute look, I'll typically reach for an oversized T shirt and biker shorts (oversized tees hide bloat!!), or a cute matching sweat suit. But don't stop there!  Cute slippers or a boujee house robe is always a vibe and can add a bit of "desperate housewife" flair to your period uniform.

3. Eat Intentionally

I am the first girl to buy a block of cheese and then proceed to eat it in one sitting while on my cycle, HOWEVER, Dairy Is The Devil and causes a whole day of stabbing cramps if I do the deed.  You get the idea: if it sounds good in the moment but will leave you feeling like shit later, DON'T EAT IT.  Instead, keep a cabinet full of your "period safe" foods. These should be food items that you crave and make you happy, yet don't upset the tummy.  Mine include frozen fruit bars, "ants on a log," vegan feta grilled cheese,  sooo much fruit, etc.  If you're tracking your cycle with the MyFLO app, you can actually see food recommendations for each cycle! This is a huge life hack for your energy levels if you follow it accordingly. Oh, and STAY HYDRATED. I've linked my favorite water bottles in this blog post. 

4. Plan Accordingly 

Here's an idea most people won't tell you: try to take things off your to-do list.  While it may be impossible for most of us to take a whole week off of work, there are still plenty of things we can do to ensure we are not spending unnecessary energy (because, you know, our bodies are already doing THE MOST).  For example, I like to batch create photos and videos ahead of time so I can spend less time doing all that and more time chilling on my couch and editing content during my period.

5. Pamper Yourself

Once I heard on TikTok about this boyfriend who called his girlfriend's menstrual cycle "Princess Week" and he would watch her favorite movie, buy her favorite food, etc.  Ever since, I started doing the same thing. There's just something so sacred about giving your body what it wants. Whether that's a shiatsu massage at the spa or binge watching Sex and the City in bed.  Personally, I like to do a head to toe #selfcare moment; face masks, hair treatments, self-tanner... the works.  Then I treat myself to LOTS of cannabis and Love Island. <3 

6. Enjoy Your Own Company

This one may not work for everyone, but I am a self-proclaimed Introvert, so this is necessary.  One of the last things I want to do when I'm on my period is be around people (ew), and even if magically I feel up to it, I end up wishing I stayed home.  Because of this, I honor my energy levels and let them lead me.  If human interaction sounds like nails on a chalkboard at the time, then I will kindly say "no" to your BBQ invitation. And that's on being selective with your energy. :)

7. Move Your Body

I get it, doing a full vinyasa flow doesn't always sound like a great idea when your uterus is trying to murder you from the inside out.  However, moving the body can be GREAT for menstrual pain, and of course we all know it releases endorphins (which, let's face it, we need those that week).  Light yoga, stretching or going on a walk can work wonders for your day ahead!  It's actually one of my Period Non Negotiables.

8. Have a Plan for Menstrual Pain

Believe it or not, there are a lot of methods to relieving menstrual pain other than taking a Midol. As a girl who refuses to take a Tylenol when she has a headache, I've got some good alternatives.  Currently my favorite combo for pain relief is CBD lotion, MiraPro and a heating pad.  I am also emotionally attached to my body pillow and it makes for a nice snuggle buddy if the cramps are bad.  Also, sometimes a bit of pleasure can ease the pain! Yes, that is a vibrator linked below – you're welcome, bestie.

And that's all!  I hope you prioritize your needs/wants and have the best period EVER this month. And the next month... and the next.




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