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The Manifesting Crash Course

Ahhhh you're here! Welcome to the Manifesting Crash Course!


Let me just say you are such a bad ass for deciding to dive deeper into your inner magic.  Not many people understand the power of manifestation but YOU, my friend, do.  And for that, I love you. 


No but seriously, I bet we'd be good friends. ;)


 I've included each session below along with the daily homework.

Whatever you do, do NOT skip over the homework.  That's where the magic happens.




  • Write down / get clear on 1-3 main desires

  • Journal on how you would feel if each desire JUST manifested into reality (go off on a tangent and write as fast as you can!)

  • Write down how you getting what you desire will positively impact you, your family, your spouse, and the whole world.

  • Write down 5 affirmations, then look at yourself in the mirror and say them out loud 3x each (look into your left eye!)



  • Write down 3 main desires

  • Write down any negative ideas that come up with it (not smart enough, girls like me can’t have things like that, wanting more makes me selfish, it will take too much work, etc) and don’t hold yourself back!!

  • Try to pinpoint where those ideas came from. DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF! Write down every idea! This is where the big shifts happen.

  • Meditate on the moment you started to believe that negative idea. Forgive your past self for believing it. & Forgive anyone else who played a part.

  • Write an affirmation that is the opposite of the negative ideas. ONE affirmation for EACH negative idea. Make sure these feel GOOD and align with your desire and give your power back to you!

  • Meditate and vibe with each affirmation as if it is true in the present moment (quantum leap manifesting)



  • Try the 8 step manifesting process again and see if it goes a little faster for you this time. (just practice with one if you want!)

  • Program 3 affirmation reminders (morning, afternoon, night) Make them specific to what you want to manifest!

  • Write down your favorite affirmations and vibe with each one for at least 2 minutes with your eyes closed (sometimes i use singing bowls / sound bath sounds from youtube to help get me in the vibe!)

  • Pick a few practices that we went over today and try them for yourself. See which one vibes best with you.

  • Set aside time (mornings are always best for me!) for your manifesting rituals*


*I was the girl who would never commit to the same morning routine, and i still bounce back and forth with what it is i do exactly, but one thing i will NEVER skip over is raising my vibe / manifesting rituals. Because i KNOW that nothing else is more important.

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