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New to Full Moon Manifestation Ritual to Step Into Your Highest Vibration

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

In this post I'm going to outline the New to Full Moon Manifestation Ritual that has helped me to step into the life I've been trying to call in for MONTHS. This ritual is simple, yet magically effective, and will give you the clear insight you need in order to become an energetic match for what you'd like to manifest (hello, abundance!).

This ritual uses water magic which has become my new favorite way to bring my dreams into reality! If you're unfamiliar with how water is conscious and can hold energies, refer to this blog post on Dr. Emoto's research here.

This ritual will take place over a two week period; it will start when a New Moon begins, and finish its cycle when the nearest Full Moon arrives.

Pro Tip: for bigger manifestations, you can use the energy of a New Moon, and wait 6 months for the Full Moon in the same sign to emerge. For example, the New Moon was in Cancer two weeks ago, and today the Full Moon is in Aquarius. If you'd like to try the 6 month option, you would've started with the New Moon in Cancer and finished the ritual with the Full Moon in Cancer (6 months after the New Moon in Cancer).

New to Full Moon Manifestation Ritual Steps:

Gather your supplies.

  1. A mason jar or any glass with a lid

  2. A piece of paper + pen

  3. Clean water (not tap water unless yours is free from toxins)

  4. A candle and a lighter (optional)

Begin the ritual.

  1. Clean your space / alter (if using). Dust, wipe down, etc.

  2. Cleanse your space with sage and your body with palo santo, or use your intuition to cleanse (you can do this by imagining a white light coming out of the palm of your hand while you hold your hand over your alter or space where you're performing your ritual, and use breath work to rid your body of any needless negativity).

  3. Grab any crystals you'd like for your space and set them on your alter (make sure these are cleansed too!).

  4. Fill up your glass with water and put the lid on.

  5. Light a spell candle (optional) – I love using candle magic with my rituals, but this is totally up to you! I will typically light one of my chime candles and let it burn completely while I finish the rest of the ritual. Typically with candle magic, you don't want to leave your candle until it's burned out! So make sure you have everything you need before lighting it. I use the extra time after the ritual to manifest and do a card reading if it's still lit.

  6. Write down a bulleted list of what you'd like to manifest within the two week cycle. Example: Clear guidance on my next steps for my career, Raise my vibration to match the frequency of living life to my highest good, Removing any unwanted energies that hold me back, A new opportunity that gives me a sense of abundance.

  7. Hold the glass of water in your hands, and imagine the water taking on the energies of the intentions you just set. Take your time with this. You can turn on some calming meditation music to get you into the vibe! Just make sure you've thoroughly "charged" your water with all of your intentions before finishing.

  8. When the candle has finished (if you're using one), take your page of intentions and your glass of water, and set it outside underneath the New Moon (assuming it's the evening). This will allow the energies of the New Moon to "charge" your water with your intentions a bit further. New moons are great for setting intentions/planting seeds!

  9. The next day, grab your glass of water and drink it, knowing that the energies you charged the water with are now entering your body and becoming a part of your being. Side note: the last time I did this ritual, I actually saved the water and drank it about half way through the two week cycle. I just felt it was right for that time! This is a good example of following your heart. When doing rituals, it's important to do what feels right to YOU.

  10. Take note of the date of the Full Moon coming up, and schedule the following Full Moon portion of this ritual.

  11. Two weeks later, repeat steps 1-5.

  12. Write down your original intentions as if they have already come true with gratitude. Example: "I am so grateful that my vibration now matches the frequency of living my life to the highest good!" Full moons represent completion, which is why we are now speaking out our original intentions as if they have already come to fruition!

  13. Complete steps 7-9 accordingly to finish this ritual – charge your water, place it under the full moon with your new gratitude list, and drink your water the next day knowing the cycle has completed and you are now living the life you intended to two weeks ago.

You can repeat this ritual during any New and Full Moon. Remember, the magic isn't in the steps, it's in the intention and energy that you hold while doing the steps. You can use this as a loose guideline, or you can follow the steps exactly – whatever way serves your heart the most is the way that is best.


Lexi Luxury

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