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Hi, girls! So if you've been watching my IG stories, you know I've recently started paying closer attention to the home decor at Walmart.

It all started with me watching a story from one of my favorite bloggers (Laura Beverlyn) when she showed her full bed set and mentioned it was all from Walmart. I was shocked! So, of course, I headed to my local Walmart and immediately scooped up some cute decorative pillows. 

After that, I went on the Walmart website and dove down a rabbit hole of insanely affordable home decor! Seriously this stuff is like... Target worthy.  Let's just say I will be checking Walmart for any future home decorating endeavors.

I hope this post is helpful for any of y'all who want to spruce up your sanctuary and not break the bank! Enjoy!

(click any image to shop)

Walmart Boho Decor Under $50
Walmart Storage Under $30
Walmart Boho Decorative Pillows
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