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My Top 10 Secrets on How to Look Good Without Makeup

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Babes... I did it.

I finally figured out how to LOOK GOOD without makeup. I'm talking skincare hacks, accessorizing tricks, natural beauty tips; all the tea.

I am so confident in my approach that I hardly even wear makeup any more–If you know me, you know how mind-blowing that statement just was.

So, since my methods have been perfected, I decided it was about time to share with the Lexinator fam. Let's dive in...

1. Skincare

This has got to be the most obvious; so I figured we'd just get this one out of the way first! The biggest key to feeling confident without makeup is mastering the art of clean skin. I am a psycho about what goes on my skin, which is probably why I never have many skin issues. No matter what I end up using, it is ALWAYS vegan, naturally-based and/or toxic-free. My go-to skincare brands that check all my boxes and keep me looking like a smooth-skinned queen are Monat (I use every single one of their skincare products) + Tula (I use the Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm + the Face Filter Blurring Primer). I also love to utilize skincare tools, like a rose quartz vibrating facial roller or a jade gua sha to de-puff my face. My favorite trick is using my LANEIGE Lip Mask as a daily lip balm; it makes my lips look kissable af – Nuff said.

2. Glasses

Ah, my favorite way to cover my makeup-less face. Glasses are such a fun accessory and really add to any aesthetic. If I'm not wearing my $20 prescribed glasses from Zenni Optical, I'll pop in a pair of contacts and wear my fav Quay Australia Blue Light Blockers (pictured). Not going to lie, I get tons of compliments on both. The best part about wearing glasses on my no-makeup days is that I don't even feel self-conscious! They really do help boost your confidence, even if you're not used to the whole "naked face" vibe yet.

3. Jewelry

If I am rocking the no-makeup look (which I usually am these days), I NEVER leave the house without the proper jewelry. Accessorizing always takes my confidence up a notch, and still gives me a chance to show my personality. My absolute favorite jewelry brand at the moment is Ana Luisa. They have every staple jewelry item that a high-maintenance girl like myself could ever need; stellar quality, and they're actually affordable. From simple chains to chunky rings, they've got it all. The best part is that they are an extremely sustainable company! So you can rest-assured that you're making a difference just by supporting the brand. As for my earrings, I've been obsessing over this combo I created with earrings from Amazon (pictured). I only have a triple piercing but I've always loved the way an ear full of gold looks; so I improvise with fake cuffs to complete the look!

4. Dress Well

Since you're not spending the extra 30+ minutes doing your makeup, you'll have more time and energy to think about what to wear! If you're going the comfy route, I recommend throwing on a Matching Active Wear Set; nothing makes me feel more pulled together than a leggings + crop top co-ord! Personally, if I'm feeling casual but cute, I'll grab my favorite pair of jeans and a graphic tee. I may even spice it up with some boot heels and a cute hat to add to the vibe! At the end of the day, it's always best to pick what you feel the most comfortable in. Confidence is the best thing you can EVER wear; and that's a fact.

5. Tan that Bod

Life is just... better when you're tan. My go-to tanning products these days are from Tanceuticals (use my code LEXI10 for 10% off). I also like the Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops; their Dark color is a nice tone that keeps you from looking orange (it has violet undertones to cancel out the oompa-loopa-ness). If you want the glow, but only for a short time, I recommend getting the Tanceuticals Wash-Off Bronzer. And finally, if you're more of an old-fashioned tanner, I will FOREVER recommend The Fox Tan's Rapid Mist. Just make sure you wear an SPF because that stuff is intense!

6. Groom the Brows

It is actually amazing how much a clean brow can change the bare-faced game. I personally have had thin brows my whole life; they're also borderline blonde, so they aren't very visible. My favorite way to take my brows from a 5 to a 10 (without getting them permanently micro-bladed, which I think will be in my near future), is to tint, shape and style them. My favorite Brow Tinting Kit is from amazon and under $15! To shape them I just use a little Brow Razor, and to hold the hairs in place I actually use hair pomade + a spoolie (it works better than any brow gels I've found so far. You know what they say; "if it ain't broke..."

7. Style the Mane

Now you don't need to go busting out the 1-inch barrel curling wand or anything, but definitely do something with your hair. Usually if I'm going makeup-less, I don't want to be bothered with any tricky styling. My favorite way to get a quick yet cute look is to slick my hair on top of my head and have a messy bun or posh ponytail moment with a Beaded Headband. Since y'all know I don't have much hair (yet... we're working on it), I love to use INH's Messy Bun or, my most recent fav, their Lola pony (use code LEXILUXURY for a discount).

8. Lash Extensions

If you love a big ol' set of fluttery lashes like me, then lash extensions are a must. If you're getting them done for the first time, make sure you look up reviews; or better yet, ask a friend who is an avid-lashee for a referral. I love mine because they make me feel like a princess even if I just popped out of bed! Barely any maintenance and makes a world of a difference.

9. Manicure the Paws

I've always told my friends that without my nails, I am a humbled girl; but with my nails, you can't tell me sh*t. I prefer the long, coffin shape, but even a gel coat on natural nails will make you look more put-together. Since quarantine started, I've been doing my own nails and I love the independence I have with them now! Everything I purchased to do my nails at home is from Amazon, and cost me less than $100 to be able to do about 20 full sets.

10. Perfume

Okay, I know... Technically this won't make a difference in your appearance, but NEVER underestimate the power of a designer fragrance. I always notice I'm a bit more confident when I know I'm leaving behind a scented trail of floral and woodsy notes. One of my favorite compliments will forever be "wow, you smell so good... " Like yes, fall in love with me (hello pheromones!). When I decide to spritz before leaving my house, I typically reach for my Flower Bomb, J'adore Dior or Very Sexy perfume.

And that's all folks!

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that you are a bad b*tch with, or without makeup. As long as you feel good and know your worth, there's a good chance you'll be the most attractive person in the room. Confidence is HOT; don't ever forget it.


Lexi Luxury

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